Day 110 – The disaster that is my desk

I have been working hard to organize the apartment and eliminate as much crap and clutter as possible. Things have definitely improved and I’ve noticed that the apartment stays cleaner longer which is amazing.

My desk / cubicle at work is a whole other story. On the surface it looks neat and tidy,  but then you open the drawers and cupboards to find a hidden disaster.

I have been avoiding dealing with my desk for some time now, but I can’t avoid it any longer. The stuff I found – it’s ridiculous!

For starters I found a pair of shorts, receipt and all, that I purchased a year (and thought I returned – whoops).

Chocolate that I bought in Italy last summer and forgot about.

A drawer full of ugly shoes that I never wear (and rue the day they were purchased…. what was I thinking?!?!?!) and other random clothes including a dress that I meant to get altered over a year ago. A bag full of tea towels and cloth napkins?!?!?!

Lots of Tupperware and other food containers (most of them clean – eek!), books, a can of soup (from who knows when), crappy DVDs I won and never brought home and vitamins that I never take.

I can’t believe I am writing about this! It is seriously embarrassing to share with the world the crap that I’ve been hiding in my desk. I can’t even imagine what my mom is thinking right now – Mom? Thank god my grandmother doesn’t know how to use the internet!

Oh well, I guess the first step is to admit that I have a problem and then start to deal with it. There is no way I can deal with everything tonight, but I can make a dent.


4 thoughts on “Day 110 – The disaster that is my desk

  1. Haven’t commented yet but that is one awesome desk! You are right Aunty Eve wouldn’t like it one bit. Loving the posts. Read it every night while putting A to bed.

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