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Day 109 – Beer before dinner

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I gave up eating sugar lent and even though lent is over I am trying to avoid it as much as possible. Sadly, this just increases my interest in salt  (chips) and what goes better with chips that beer? We’re not eating dinner tonight until after 8 – so I opted for a pre-dinner snack of malt vinegar chips and a beer (Sawdust City Brewing co – Long Dark Voyage to Uranus) to tied me over.

A friend of ours knows that we like craft beer and gave us this bottle to try. First off, I love the branding  – the labels are great. I know I shouldn’t judge a bottle by the label, but I do. It won’t mean that I will like or even love the beer, but it will get me to try it.

The colour of this beer is amazing and it smells delicious. It might be a bit hoppy for me to love it, but I still really enjoyed it. Above all, it has peaked my curiosity with the brewery and I am eager to try some of their other offerings.


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