Day 108 – Privacy & Light

It’s been a while since my last project – so here goes.

We love our apartment, 2 bedrooms, exposed brick, backyard with high ceilings in a small building in a great neighbourhood. The one thing that is both amazing and a pain in the ass is that our apartment is on the main floor of the building. We have our own private entrance, but we also have windows that look directly onto the sidewalk and street. Thankfully the building is set back from the sidewalk about 10 feet, so it’s not like we have people walking right up to our windows and peering in, but still privacy can be an issue.

We tend to leave the blinds or curtains drawn for privacy, but then we don’t get much natural light. It bugs me the most in the office where we have a huge window (approximately 5.5 ft by 3 ft) which lets in great light, but we leave the blinds down 80% of the time.

I am getting tired of closing the blind all of the time, I want more natural light! Today I am going to solve this problem with some stick and peel window frosting.

Like a good daughter (my mom will be thrilled) I washed all of the windows (inside and outside) before getting started.

Step 1 – Assemble everything I need
Step 2 – Measure the stick and peel frosting
Step 3 – Cut to size
Step 4 – Peel off the back and stick frosting to the window (slowly)
Step 5 – Cut off the extra
Step 6 – Repeat with the 2nd window
Step 7 – Put the windows back and see the difference
Step 8 – Close the blind for privacy and light

I am quite happy with the results and how simple it was to do. The frosting gives me enough privacy that I don’t feel the need to close the blind when I am in the room and using the computer.

Another successful project to add to the list.

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