Day 107 – iPhone camera lenses

Chris gave me a really cool present for my birthday last week – camera lenses and a mini tripod for my iPhone + carrying case. If you have never heard of iPhone lenses you should definitely check them out. Chris ordered mine from a company called Photojojo which has a lot of really cool stuff for iPhones.

Since getting my iPhone I rarely use a traditional camera, especially when I am traveling. My iPhone is my favorite traveling gadget – my phone, camera, computer and e-reader all in one. In normal day-to-day life I prefer to read real books, use a desktop computer and if you can believe it we still have a landline; but when I am traveling anything that lightens my load is a winner.

With my big Italy trip coming up, Chris thought this would be the perfect birthday present. He also knows that I have been finding my iPhone camera a bit limiting, so instead of buying a fancy new camera, the lenses will give me more flexibility for distance and close up shots without adding a lot of bulk.

We have been pretty busy since my birthday, between going out of town, catching up on work and evenings out, today is the first chance I’ve had to play with my new toys.

My collection of lenses includes a fish eye lens, 2 telephoto lenses (2x and 8x), a wide angle lens and a macro lens. The smaller lenses attached to my iPhone with the help magnets, while the larger telephoto lens screws onto a special iPhone case. I was really impressed on how easy it was to attach and use each of the lenses.

The tripod is pretty amazing and will definitely come in handy. I realized today that it also works with traditional digital cameras. I figured this out because I had find my old digital camera to take pictures of my iPhone.

Now for the fun stuff – playing around with the lenses and taking photos. Overall I’m pretty impressed with the quality.

Fish eye lens
Macro lens                            Without                                  Actual image 
Wide angle lens
with Telephoto x2                                            without 

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