Day 106 – Finally back at Yoga

A few weeks ago – Day 83 to be exact – I mentioned that I hurt my wrist in yoga class. One moment I was fine and the next my wrist was screaming at me and telling me never to try plank again. Eager for my wrist to heal I avoided my favorite Ashtanga and Vinyassa classes and relied on Yin classes for my yoga fix. I LOVE Yin Yoga, but sometimes I need something more vigorous.

At first I had hoped that with a bit of rest and icing my wrist would be back to normal in a week or two and I could return to more active forms of yoga. That didn’t happen and it is only 23 + days later that I finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

Last week I figured out what was aggravating my wrist and keeping it inflamed. It was my computer set up at the office. Something about the height of my keyboard to the height of my chair that was keeping my wrist at a weird angle which in turn increased the inflammation. To fix the problem, my chiropractor printed off a diagram for me so that I could adjust my workstation. What a simple fix.

Feeling better, I went to my first Ashtanga class yesterday in almost a month. It felt great! I am still not ready to put my full body weight on my wrist in the way that I injured it, but by slightly modifying the pose and using my fist, everything was great.

Hopefully in another week my wrist will be totally healed.


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