Day 104 – A pleasant surprise

My first day back at work after my long weekend went better than I expected. I was expecting to find an inbox rammed with email and to do list longer than my arm. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad – busy, but not crazy.

The highlight of my day happened around 11:30. A coworker messaged me with the news that I came in 2nd in our office hockey pool. I can’t tell you how funny this is to me. I am not a hockey fan, I do not watch or follow the sport. The only time I pay any attention to hockey is to ridicule Toronto Maple Leaf fans about how crappy their team is, when I am complaining that my regular tv shows are being preempted for play-off hockey or when Chris makes me watch it on TV. In the later instance I usually sit on the couch and read while he watches a game.

Anyway, I just find the whole thing ridiculous and incredibly funny.

To make it even better I won $30 or $40 bucks. The # 1 spot is the big winner, but still I got my entry fee back and then some.

Normally I would spend this money on something fun and frivolous, but I spent a lot of money on the weekend and my bank account could use the donation.


 Click on the picture to read more about my amazing weekend filled with Ontario wine, craft beer and relaxation.


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