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Day 103 – My weekend extravaganza

I had a fabulous weekend, but where to begin?


Saturday was my birthday. I had a great day – we went out for brunch to Little Fish for banana pancakes and then wandered around the Junction.

In the evening we went to a movie – the Hunger Games. In the end I was more excited about the preview for the Avengers movie than the Hunger Games. I loved the book, but I couldn’t get into the movie. I was too preoccupied thinking about what they had changed, that I didn’t like some of the actor choices and that the movie didn’t look anything like what I had imagined. I should know better then to watch movies of books that I really liked. Thankfully Chris enjoyed the movie.


Sunday we drove to Buffalo, NY for the night. Chris and I have a weird fascination with the city. We usually do a bit of outlet shopping, but the main focus is to explore the city and visit Elmwood Village. Elmwood Village is a great neighbourhood full of restaurants, shops, galleries, stores and cafes. It is flanked on the North end by the Albright-Knox  Art Gallery, one of the best contemporary and modern art galleries in North America. We discovered a new favorite place in Elmwood Village, the Blue Monk, a belgian style pub. The beer was amazing and the food (muscles and belgian style frites) was delicious.

Speaking of beer, Buffalo is a great place to stock up on craft beer. The stock of craft beer for sale in Ontario is limited, so I was excited to see what we could find in Buffalo – we were not disappointed. We ended up at Premier Gourmet where we strolled 4 aisles of craft beer from around the world. We found some really interesting things that I’m eager to try when my dad visits in May. My dad introduced me to craft beer years ago, but it is only recently that I really started to enjoy it and seek it out – so who better to do a beer tasting with than my dad.


On Monday, we drove back to Canada to hang out with friends and visit a few wineries in Niagara. We had our 3 favorite wineries on our list, Thirty Bench, Organized Crime and Malivoire. Sadly, Organized Crime was closed, so we added Peninsula Ridge to the list

Gearing up for summer, we came home with a nice selection of white and rose wines, including two new favorites, the 2011 Rose & Musque Spritz from Malivoire.

Bin of corks at Thirty Bench (above)

Tasting Reisling at Thirty Bench (above)

At Peninsula Ridge trying the 2004 Cab Franc (above)

Malivoire (above)

A few of our purchases at Malivoire (above)


Sadly, today is my last day of freedom and I am back to work tomorrow. To cap off an amazing weekend I went for a run in High Park and saw the Cherry Trees in bloom for the first time.

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