Day 98 – Waiting my turn

Like a true procrastinator I am renewing my health card and driver’s license today, 2 days before they expire. I received the renewal forms in the mail 2 months ago. I kept thinking about doing it, I even brought the completed forms to work but….

I don’t have a good excuse for not doing it sooner. I can’t even blame distance because the renewal office is in the basement of my building.

Today is the day. Around 11:30 I went downstairs to get a number – I am officially customer no. A97. I went back to work to kill some time, but after 20 minutes I got worried that I’d be late and went back. I thought I was prepared, I brought Italian homework, a book and my iPhone, but I was still bored.


To top it all off they took my picture! I wasn’t prepared to have my photo taken, but thankfully I took extra time with my hair this morning – fingers crossed it isn’t horrendous. I was told no smiling so I channelled Tyra Banks and tried my best to Smize (smile with your eyes). I am curious to see how I will be remembered for the next 5 years. Here’s hoping that my new picture ID arrives quickly and that it looks better than the last one.

In the end I waited for an hour. Hopefully I learned a valuable lesson – don’t wait until the last minute and don’t go at lunch time. Waiting sucks!!

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