Lent / Life

Day 97 – TV, TV, TV, too much TV?

Lent is over and I can now watch TV.

I’m a bit torn about this, without TV, I was super productive – the house was clean, dishes washed, laundry done, I read a lot and I was on top of things. However, now that I don’t have lent as an excuse my will power is almost non existent. All I want to do is watch TV.

I ended up spending most of the weekend catching up on some of my favorites – Mad Men, Smash, the Good Wife, Ringer, Breaking Bad, Project Runway Allstars…

I think I went a bit overboard and I’m having a hard time pulling back.

The funny things is that I’m not even really enjoying some of these shows. Ringer is getting stupid, Breaking Bad has lost its luster, Project Runway Allstars is over and the Good Wife seems a bit dull. All I’m left with is Mad Men and Smash – which area still as good as I remember.

Maybe it’s just the first week? Maybe next week things will go back to normal?


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