Day 95 – A bit of spring cleaning

Like so many apartments in Toronto, ours has limited storage space. Whenever we move, we end up spending the first few weeks creating storage spaces. One of our solutions was to use part of the bookshelf as hidden storage. We purchased 4 bins that fit perfectly into the bottom row of the bookshelf. They have served us well, but the longer we live here, the more junk they accumulate.

Today’s project is to declutter the entire bookshelf – shelves and storage boxes. You can see from the picture below that the shelves also collect a lot of random things.

First step was to empty out all of the bins and find out what I was dealing with. I had a rough idea of what was inside, but not necessarily in which bin or to what quantity. Then I sorted everything and threw away all of the garbage that I found.

Last step was to put everything back in the bins and find new homes for anything that didn’t belong. I realized that I have way too many shopping bags and that I need to get rid of some. I might canvas my friends to see if anyone needs any or put them in a goodwill bin.

One day I would love to reclaim the bookshelf for books, but that is not today.

Finished (Inside)

Finished (Outside)


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