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Day 93 – Italy, italy, italy

I did it. I am super excited to announce that I booked my flight to Italy. I still can’t believe that I am going for 6 weeks and living in Florence for 3.

I still have a lot of things to do before I leave in July, including enrolling for Italian lessons in Florence, but everything is starting to fall into place.

The closer I get, the more I think about previous trips and things that I would like to see and do this time around. I definitely want to visit a few wineries, but even more so, I want to check out Italy’s emerging craft beer scene. I had no idea that Italy had an emerging craft beer scene until a friend mentioned it to me. Then I started to look into it and found a bunch of information and articles – including an article in the Guardian – Italian Beer: a new sparkle. It has only been recently that I have developed a real interest in craft beer. Luckily we have friends who help to indulge this interest and share some of their new finds with me. It will be interesting to search out some of these beers and report back on what I find.

Other things on my to do list include, explore tuscany, spend time at the beach, see Bolonga, and eat, eat, eat.

Here are a few pictures from past trips to get you in the mood of Italy.








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