Day 90 – So this is what it feels like…

I bought a pair of heels to wear to a wedding on New Years Eve – the kind of heels that I wear once and never again because they are super high and not very practical. I am tired of buying things to wear once – practical be damned I am wearing them to work today.

Thinking back to the wedding, I remember taking them off half way through the dance because they were hindering my moves. I can still remember how amazing it felt to take them off and dance around sans shoes. I won’t even get into why did  I buy them?, why do women do this to themselves? it just is.

I decided it would be smart to test them out in the house before I left for work. It was hilarious. I had them on in the bathroom while I was getting ready and I kept tipping over. It was also quite funny how much further away from the sink I was – I literally hand to bend my knees to turn on the tap – hahaha. I am already fairly tall 5’8″ and the heels put me well over 6′. I feel like I have a better understanding of why incredibly tall (& rich) people custom design their homes.


I do wear heels to work and on special/ fancy occasions, but my preference is to wear flats.  I love flats! My normal heels are maybe 2-3 inches, but today’s pair are 5 inches. I know because I just measured.

Thankfully I spend most of my day sitting at a desk. On a normal work day my walking is limited to trips to the printer, bathroom, kitchen, co-workers desks and meetings. I figure if I can dance (sort of) wearing these heels, that wearing them to work will be a cinch.

It also makes me a feel a little bit better wearing them again, so that it was a complete waste of money.


2 thoughts on “Day 90 – So this is what it feels like…

  1. Those shoes are fierce! I would be wearing them all the time. I too am tall nearly 5’10” and mostly wear heels. I just vary the steepness of the platform to change work vs. fun shoes.

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