Day 88 – My day started out good, and now a rant

Today started out great, I woke up early (6:40am), got ready for work, left the house, and then things started to go wrong.

I was supposed to be at work for 8am this morning, but first I had to return the rental car from yesterday’s wedding shower excursion. The car rental office didn’t open until 7:30 – so I knew I would be cutting it close, but I thought it was doable. The car rental office is across the street from the subway and at this time of day I can usually get to work in 20-30 minutes.

The minute I walked into the office I felt my plan fly out the window. I was confronted by an empty office, save 1 staff person, let’s call him Bob, who was busy helping a customer, let’s call her Sarah. I’m not sure if Sarah and Bob were friends, former coworkers or what, but they were having a great time chatting away. I swear it took Bob 10 minutes to finish and hand Sarah the keys. Meanwhile, I’m waiting behind the gabbing duo, watching the time creep closer to 8.

Staff person 2, let’s call him Stan, saunters into work around 7:40 and ignores the growing line of customers. 5 minutes later, he finally comes up to the counter and offers to help. I finally got out of the car rental office at 7:50 and ran across the street to the subway. I still can’t believe it took my 20 minutes to return the car. Thankfully the subway was fast and I was only 10 minutes late.

My morning went smoothly and so did most of the afternoon until I picked up the phone at 4pm. My office has a public inquiry phone line – anyone can call to ask questions. I don’t normally answer the line, but my coworker who does wasn’t at her desk. I picked up the phone and immediately knew I was in trouble. The caller, let’s call him Frank, was one of those people who I swear just wants to talk. It would not surprise me to find out that Frank has already talked the ear off of anyone who will listen and has now moved onto our office. Frank is not my first caller of this nature, but seeing as how I was supposed to leave at 4pm, I wasn’t really in the mood. 25 minutes later, after I had repeated the same 3 answers about 10 times, I was finally able to end the call. I’m not sure what about the call with Frank wound me up, but it did.

I’m now at home and hoping to have a relaxing night with Chris. He has promised to make me dinner, I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Day 88 – My day started out good, and now a rant

  1. I know just what you are talking about I seem to get one of those days all too frequently and particularly laughed at your bit about answering the phone after the time when you should have been out of the office – I have done this so many times and lived to regret it – I never learn!!

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