Day 85 – Running = Discovery

Running is full of surprises, new routes = new neighbourhoods and other surprises.

Chris came running with me after work today. It was pretty chilly, so we bundled up – i.e. toque, running pants, long sleeved shirt, vest and running jacket. Last week it was +26 celsius and today it was 0. The old Adrienne would have sat on the couch and watched TV, but not the improved one. Regardless of the weather I felt like running and so we went.

We had been running for about 3km when we looked down a side street and found a pedestrian path over the rail corridor (there are lots of train tracks in our neighbourhood). Neither of us had any idea that it was there, we were intrigued, we decided to take a detour and check it out.

It was super cool – picture two massive green spiral staircases connected by a bridge with a railway track underneath.

This might be a new favorite running route. I’m also curious to see if there is anything similar further north. If I find anything interesting, I’ll post it.

Ps. ran 5km today. 5km keeps getting easier and easier. I am going to aim for 6 or 7km on my next run and then work on speed.


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