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Day 83 – On the mend

This past week my body has rebelled against me. Running aggravated my left knee making it painful to walk up and down stairs, I did something to my wrist in yoga class making the plank position all but impossible, and yesterday I pulled a muscle in my shoulder putting in one of my contacts. I kid you not, I injured myself while putting in a contact lens – ridiculous!

Today my Chiropractor / Acupuncturist Dr. Anita Yee came to my rescue. Normally I am in and out in 30 minutes, but today it was more like an hour. First she adjusted my wrist to fix the bone alignment, then she needled my shoulders and my problem knee, then ultrasound for me knee, electrodes on my shoulder and then a neck and upper back adjustment. I’m not a big fan of getting adjusted, I definitely prefer acupuncture, but sometimes I give in and let her do her thing. It’s amazing how much better I feel and the amount of movement I regain.

I assure you, normally I am a healthy individual – so 3 injuries at one time kind of freaked me out. I got a worried that I would have to stop running and doing yoga. I was hoping that with some icing, stretching and rest that these injuries would take care of themselves. I am pretty sure they would have, but I can be impatient and wanted a quicker fix. I talked to Dr. Yee about my 3 injuries in a week and she assured me that this is fairly “normal” at this time of the year. Temperature fluctuations and new activities cause extra stress on the body creating injuries and inflammation.

I’m still not cured, although I was ecstatic to find that going up and down stairs after my appointment was no longer painful.

Dr. Yee gave me some exercises to strengthen my inner leg muscles to prevent further injury and stress to my knee. She also said I should keep icing my knee and wrist until the inflammation goes away. I am also excited about an anti-inflammatory creme she suggested I buy – Traumeel – which made my knee feel soo much better.


I should be back at yoga next week and I can continue to run as long as I don’t overdue it – ie. slower, shorter and less frequent runs until my knee is back to 100%.

In case you’re wondering about my 10 km race commitment – I am still trying to decide on a race, but it’s looking like something in May. I downloaded the Nike Run App for my iPhone and love it. I think it will be a huge help to my training as it keeps track of my time, distance, pace and route. So far in the past 7 days I have run between 15-20 km, roughly 5km per run. Its getting easier and 10 km no longer seems impossible.


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