Day 77 – Coffee in 2 weeks

Lent is almost over and in another 2 + weeks I can drink coffee, watch TV and eat sugar. You think I would be more excited, but I’m not. The first few days were  hard – coffee withdrawl, sugar cravings and too much free time – but now it feels like normal life and I feel great. I’m having mixed feelings about going back to my old ways.


I’m pretty sure that I’ll cave fairly quickly on the coffee front – but I can’t imagine going back to 2+ cups a day. Looking back on it, I think it was the habit of leaving work for 5-10 minutes and going to get a coffee that I really liked, and not the actual drink. However I have been daydreaming and craving a cappuccino, latte or an americano at my favorite cafe – Crema. Crema is amazing, even their regular coffee is delicious, but their lattes are to die for – rich, creamy and smooth – the total opposite to anything you would find at Starbucks or one of the other big chains. My goal after lent will be to treat coffee like a treat.


The first few days with no TV were a hard, but it was amazing how fast I adapted. I spent more time reading, cooking, cleaning, going out, exercising, talking to friends and family etc. etc. etc. I used to find that weekends sucked because I was busy cleaning and doing laundry. But I have realized that if I do a little bit every day, my weekends, and most of my evenings for that matter, are free for me. I do miss TV and am I very curious to  know what is happening on my favorites shows, like Smash and the Good Wife, but I am happier not sitting in front of the TV for 2-4 hours a night watching crap. My goal after lent is to only watch the shows that I have a real interest in – my favorites (especially Mad Men which starts again soon).

On the book front, I’m averaging a book a week – including the Steve Jobs biography which was well over 500 pages.


Anyone who knows me, knows that sugar is one of my weaknesses. I LOVE candy, chocolate bars, baking, sweets…. I LOVE SUGAR! I gave up sugar for lent last year and didn’t eat it again for about 6 months. I felt amazing. I had more energy and the big surprise was that I didn’t get a single migraine during that time. I started eating it again when we went on holidays and then I was hooked and back on the sugar train. I find that for me it is easier to cut it out entirely than to cut back. I totally believe people who say refined sugar is a drug – I think I might addicted.

Giving sugar up last year made this year easier. I find the trick is to have a lot of fruit at the house (including dried fruit – I love medjool dates) and to make sure I have snacks at work. My goal after lent is to not eat sugar. This is going to be really hard and I’m sure I will cave on a few things, but when I’m tempted I will just need to remind myself how much better I felt when I wasn’t eating sugar.



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