Day 76 – The Stockyards

We finally did it, we went to the Stockyards for dinner and it was delicious. I’ve been hearing about this place for months and it did not disappoint. The place is tiny – much smaller than I thought – no tables, just counter seating.

Everyone I talk to about the Stockyards tells me about the fried chicken. I’m not a big fried chicken person – but with so many people giving it rave reviews I couldn’t say no. We decided to share and ordered the fried chicken dinner and a pulled pork sandwich. The fried chicken was AMAZING!  I am convert. From this day forward I will also tell everyone to order the fried chicken dinner.

We’re already talking about going again. The plan is to wait for another nice day, order the fried chicken dinner to share (with fries and coleslaw), head to the park and have a picnic.

P.s. the fried chicken dinner is huge – 4 big pieces of chicken, coleslaw and fries and only $14. Perfect for sharing.

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