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Day 74 – Budget & Tostada’s

I’ve been talking about my budget for a few weeks and last week I finally did it – I came in under budget. Woo hoo! I only spent $35.85 of my $90/week budget.

Not spending money while I’m at work is getting easier, dare I say habit forming!?!?

My challenge this week is to start monitoring my grocery spending. I am pretty sure I spend way more than I should.

Last night Chris and I toyed with the idea of going out for tacos, we resisted and cooked instead, but today I still had tacos on the brain. I had everything planned out, groceries purchased, but then went to get corn tortillas and the store was closed – ahh! Chris came to the rescue and found Tostadas on his way home. I was a bit skeptical about changing course, but they were delicious. I will definitely make them again.

Homemade salsa verde, guacamole and refried beans helped make the dish super tasty.



One thought on “Day 74 – Budget & Tostada’s

  1. I have just discovered Tacos and absolutely love them – I filled them with a vegetarian Lentil Bolognese and then used the leftovers for lunch at work the next day and filled toasted seeded Pitta Breads (Food Doctor brand). A very economical meal and helps keep the grocery bill down. You are doing much better at your budgeting than I am – I have slipped a bit over the last month!

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