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Day 60 – Steve Jobs & Whole Foods

It’s official I finished the Steve Jobs biography today – 567 pages in 8 days – congratulations to me. I devoured this book. I was reading every free moment I had and talking about it too…. likely talking about it too much if you ask Chris.

The verdict – a must read if you own any apple products. The story of Apple computers is super interesting and I actually appreciate my iPhone and iMac 10x more. I only started to get a little bored when the focus turned to Steve Jobs and cancer (only the last 30 pages or so).

The book was due back to the library on Saturday – whoops – so I finished reading it at the library after work. I picked up next read – The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay. I have a stack of books to read at home, but I keep getting sucked into the new release 7 day loans at the library.

Whole Foods is near the library so I stopped in toget a few groceries on my way home. Whole Foods is one of my guilty pleasures. The place is so expensive but I love wandering around and finding interesting things. In my bag tonight – medjool dates, the most delicious old cheddar macaroni and cheese (guilty pleasure #2), grapefruits and organic milk.

In case you’re wondering how I did on my budget last week I went over budget by around $10 bucks – damn. I’m hardly spending any money during the day, it’s going out at night that is the problem. Oh well, I’m still doing way better than before. Week 4 budget $90 – I’m convinced one of these days I’ll make it.

Whoops just looked at the picture and realized my math sucks – it should real $11.83 over budget.


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