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Day 59 – Cleaning & Soup

Chris and I spent the afternoon cleaning and going through our closet. We went through all of our clothes, keeping only those items that fit or we still like. I’m pretty happy with the results. We now have a huge pile of clothes and shoes in the spare room just waiting to be donated.

With the house in order I started making soup. Sunday’s wouldn’t feel like Sunday’s if I didn’t make soup.

Chris and I enjoyed the soup from last week so much that I decided to make it again. I am going to be bold and say that Chicken, Lime and Smoked Chillies soup is my new favorite. I decided to triple the batch so that we could eat it for dinner and have enough to last for a week or two of lunches. Tripling the recipe sounded like a great idea, but it ended up being a challenge to find pots that would fit all of the liquid.

The recipe and ingredients are quite simple so this week I decided to add a few things. I used 3 types of peppers – green, yellow and orange and added a pile of mushrooms. Next time I will add zucchini and more mushrooms.

Ps. Still not finished reading the Steve Jobs biography but getting close.


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