Day 52 – Soup & Biscuits

Today I am making biscuits and a batch of Tortilla Soup with Chicken, Lime and Smoked Chilies (without the Tortillas). If I can get it into the freezer before my fiance finds it and eats it, we will both take it for lunch throughout the week. These Sunday cooking days are great for my budget – since I started making soup, I stopped going out for lunches. Now going out for lunch has turned into a treat instead of an every day occurence.

I picked this soup today for a few reasons – I already had most of the ingredients in the cupboard, I would get to use my new immersion blender, it’s my fiance’s favorite and it’s super easy to make. In the end I got 6 jars of soup out of the recipe.

I have a hard time eating soup without some sort of bread to go with it, so I also made biscuits. The recipe comes from the Joy of Cooking and is super easy and very tasty. If you love buttery biscuits, these biscuits are for you. For a little something extra I added grated parmigiana to the top of half of the biscuits.

The recipe made 14 biscuits and we’ve already eaten 4. I might have to make a second batch so that we have enough for the week.

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