Day 50 – TV Withdrawal

Today’s project – try to overcome TV withdrawal for a night.

As you know I gave up a few things for lent and watching TV is of of them. I also gave up sugar and coffee.

The TV looks lonely... I think I hear it calling my name.

It’s Day 3 of lent and so far giving up refined sugar hasn’t been that bad, its giving up coffee and TV that I’m finding hard. I gave up refined sugar for lent last year and managed to keep it out of my diet for close to 8 months, so I think my body and brain are used to it.

The sugar bowl... now reserved for guests

Tonight I am spending the evening at home by myself and the idea of not being able to watch TV is proving tough. I’ve only been home for 20 minutes and already I am itching to turn it on. I’m figuring out that giving up TV during the week isn’t going to be too hard, it’s the weekends that are going to be tough. The weekends are when I catch up on my favorite shows – but not this weekend – ahhh – TV WITHDRAWAL!!!!

I think I need a game plan to get through tonight.

– Make dinner
– Wash the dishes and clean up while listening to music
– Study italian
– Read a book 
– Do a load of laundry
– More cleaning
– Make biscuits

This is a pretty long list and includes a number of things that I usually stretch out over the weekend. I’m starting to wonder what I’m going to do for the rest of the weekend?!?!??!

If tonight goes well, I have a feeling that I am going to be very productive during lent. I also have a feeling that I will be organizing many board game nights at the house over the next 40 days to keep entertained.

Just realized my fiance is still drinking coffee - uh oh!


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