Day 46 – Review Week 1 Budget & Plan for Week 2

Today’s project – review my spending last week and see how I did on my budget

So how did I do? My budget was $100 for the week (not including groceries and other essentials) and I spent $95.99. I would be happier if I felt like I earned it, but getting sick last week really helped keep my spending in check.

Staying within my budget was harder to do than I thought, and to be honest it made me feel a little anti social at times. The idea of being invited out for drinks or dinner actually made me nervous. What would I say….  I can’t go out for dinner because I only have $4.01 left to spend in my budget this week?!?!?!

This made me realize that I need to prioritize my spending. If going out with friends is important to me than I need to cut back on luxury expenditures, like massages and cough syrup, and in general my coffee intake. 24% of my spending last week was on coffee and coffee store purchases – I’m not even talking lattes or cappuccinos…. just coffee.

I was pretty happy that I didn’t go out for dinner once last week. Yesterday ordering pizza was suggested, but instead I suggested we make homemade pizza instead. In the end, the pizza we make at home is way better than anything we can get delivered to the house.

Here’s a break down on my week 1 spending:
53% – massage (less insurance deductible)/ cough syrup
24% – coffee and coffee store purchases
17% – 2 lunches
6% – other (movie rentals etc.)

This week, I’m putting myself on a $90 budget (Monday to Sunday). I’m going to try to cut down on my coffee intake and not go out for lunch during the week to make room for unexpected invitations.

The Budget Experiment

Day 39 - The Budget


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