Day 43 – Italian Egg Drop Soup

Today’s project – make dinner

I’m still not feeling great,this cold isn’t going anywhere, but I still need to eat dinner. So I picked one of the easiest things to make Stracciatella – Italian egg drop soup.

The recipe is super simple. The most basic versions call for broth, beaten egg, grated parmigiana cheese, salt and pepper. Tonight I’m going to add a few extra ingredients inspired by a recipe I found online.

Fresh parsley and a few pieces of frozen ravioli from the weekend.

I mixed the egg, cheese and parsley together and the added it to the broth and ravioli making sure to dribble in the mixture while constantly stirring the soup.

The soup doesn’t look very appealing, but it tastes delicious and is the perfect thing to eat when you aren’t feeling great.

Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow!


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