Italian Lessons / Random Stuff

Day 37 – Friends & Flash Cards

Today’s project – catch up with a friend and make Italian flash cards

Winter has finally arrived in Toronto. We had our first snowfall in months and it’s actually cold outside -13 celsius, not Saskatchewan cold, but Toronto cold. Oddly enough I’m kind of loving it. The snow is pretty and the cold gives me a good excuse to hibernate in the house tonight.

I did leave the house today – twice – so the cold isn’t that bad. I went out his morning to buy groceries for tomorrow’s big day of cooking and met a friend for coffee.

I also bought index cards so that I can start building my collection of Italian/English flash cards.

It has been years since I made or used flash cards, university I think. Although for the life of me I can’t think of what University class would have required flash cards!?!?!?! I went to school for Urban Planning and there isn’t a hell of a lot of memorization required for that degree.

In addition to making flash cards tonight, my hibernation plans include eating dinner, watching a movie or old episodes of West Wing and maybe baking something – brownies?!?!?


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