Italian Lessons

Day 35 – Italian Lesson No.2

Today’s project – learn more Italian.

I just got home from Italian class at Tutorino. I am still super excited that I am finally learning Italian.

Tonight’s class was all about learning how to pronounce the alphabet, letter combinations and how to conjugate regular verbs.

Tonight for the first time I feel like I’m developing a vocabulary. I think one of my next projects will be to develop flash cards to help me remember everything that I’m learning, and help me learn more. I’ve heard that there are iPhone apps that do this, but for some reason making old fashioned flash cards really appeals to me. No matter how geeky it may sound, I like the idea of testing myself on the bus or subway and using my daily commute for learning instead of fiddling with my phone or reading the junky metro which is what I do now.

Like a lot of Canadian youth, I took french for years in school. While many of my fellow students learned to speak it, I learned words and can’t carry on a conversation to save my life.  This should in no way be a poor reflection on the school system, but a poor reflection on my lazy teacher who let us correct our own work and tell him what our marks were. It wasn’t a total waste, I did learn a lot and sometimes it gets in the way of learning Italian.  I keep mixing up things in my head, or being unsure – is that French or Italian? It’s going to take some time to push the french aside, or just get really comfortable with my Italian that becomes second nature. My dream is that one day I will be able to think in Italian! Until then, I really need to work on the proper Italian pronunciation of ‘e’… in Italian its more like ‘a’ and I keep forgetting.

To recap tonight I learned the following verbs Vivere (to live), Lavorare (to work), Dormire (to sleep), Leggere (to read), Cucinare (to cook), Viggiare  (to travel), Andare (to go), Abitare (to live), Prendere (to take) and Partire (to leave).  We also leaned how to conjugate these verbs which is pretty straightforward but I still have to drill it in my head.

Some new words from tonight… inquiline (tenant), coinquiline (roomate), collana (necklace), figli (kids), studio legale (law firm), piacere (like) and romanzi (novels).

Although it’s only 10:00, my brain is tired and I’m ready for bed.  As they say in Italian Buonanotte!  Good night, I’m going to bed.


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