Day 33 – The Problem

Today’s project – admit I have a problem, and that problem is called Jalapeño Cheddar Beer Bread

I made Jalapeño Cheddar Beer Bread on Sunday as part of my big day of cooking. We ended up having friends over for dinner to share in the spoils. The beer bread was a big hit and we ate most of the loaf that night. Two days later it’s all gone.

I’m having a craving and need a piece – so I’m making a fresh batch. I don’t have as many jalapeños as I would like, but what I have will do, and I’m trying it with a different beer. On Sunday I used a Heineken, a nice light beer which went nicely with the Jalapeños and old white cheddar but today I’ll use a Guinness. I’m curious to see how it will change the flavour.

I’ve mentioned a few times that making beer bread is super simple and quick. However the recipe calls for the beer to be room temperature before you mix it, and waiting for this to happen takes patience.

While I was waiting for the beer to warm up I made myself a plate of pasta.

30 minutes later…. I can’t wait any longer and I NEED to start mixing.

40 minutes later… amazing smells are coming from the oven. This version is much more fragrant than any of the past attempts, which I accredit to the Guinness.

The bread is finally out of the oven. I need to be a bit more patient and wait until it cools down before I can have a slice. I can’t wait.

Just in case you were curious. The bread is DELICIOUS! I can’t believe I ever doubted using Guinness in the recipe. It adds a sort of caramel nutty flavour to the bread which really complements the jalapenos and old cheddar. I love this version so much that I wonder if I will ever use a different type of beer.  I think I’m hooked on Guinness.


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