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Day 32 – Migrating Landscapes

Today’s project – check out the Migrating Landscapes exhibit

My fiance, his partner and 2 amazing interns have been crazy busy the past few months working on a series of timelines for Migrating Landscapes, which has doing exhibiting across Canada in preparation for the Venice Bienalle of Architecture 2012…. wow that was a mouthful.

So far exhibitions have launched in Vancouver (completed), Calgary(completed), Saskatoon (end Feb. 11), Winnipeg (regional show ends Feb. 29, national show Mar.15 to Apr.29), Montreal (end Feb. 25), Halifax (completed) and now it has come to Toronto.   

I have heard about it for months and seen tons of pics, but now I get to see it for myself in person and I am super excited.

Tonight the plan is to head down to Brookfield Place with the DoUC gang, see the exhibit and then go our for a celebratory dinner.

I will post pictures later tonight when I get home. If you can’t wait until I get home there are plenty of pictures on the Migrating Landscapes and DoUC websites.

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