Day 29 – The Crockpot

Today’s project – bring home the crockpot

About a year ago I brought my crockpot to work for Soup’er Mondays, the office Soup Club. Soup Club ended and then Summer Salad Club started and I never brought my crockpot home. Instead I hid it under my desk and quickly forgot about it.

Last Friday I ran a poll to let you pick my next project. Surprise, surprise ‘bring the crockpot home and use it’ won.

Today I brought it home and this weekend I will use it. My sister-in law sent me 2 of her favorite crockpot recipes and I’ll be choosing between ‘pulled pork‘ or ‘chicken taco soup’. She promises me that both recipes are delicious and will leave me with plenty of leftovers for the freezer.

The crockpot is safely home after an adventure on public transit. I promise I will never take it out of the house again.



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