Italian Lessons

Day 28 – Italian lessons

Today’s project – learn some Italian

I had my first Italian class tonight and I’m hooked. On my way home I started day dreaming about a future where I live in Italy, speak fluent Italian and dress/look the part. I’m not sure if the dream will ever come true, but in the meantime I can start leaning Italian and planning for our next trip (August 2012 I think).

Back to the topic at hand – I am taking beginner Italian through a Toronto company called Tutorino. The class runs every Thursday for 10 weeks – which should be plenty of time to learn the basics (I hope). The instructor, Elenora is amazing. I’m not sure how she did it, but she quickly had me laughing and relaxed to the point where I was no longer worried about sounding stupid.

What did I learn? I can introduce myself (Sono Adrienne or mi Chiamo Adrienne), tell you where I am from (Sono di Regina) and where I live (Vivo a Toronto). I can ask simple questions – What is your name? (Come ti Chiami?), Where are you from? (Di Dove Sei?), How are you? (Come Va? or Come Stai?) Where do you live? (Dove vivi), What do you do? (Che Cosa Fai?). We also covered formal and informal greetings (Salve was a new one for me), the verb Essere, frequently asked questions and some good phrases to know like I don’t understand (Non ho capito) and I understand (ho capito).

After failed attempts to learn french and spanish, I am taking this seriously and committed to learning Italian. My plan is to study for at least 15-20 minutes a day and practice with any Italian speakers who cross my path. I want to be able to go to Italy and carry on a conversation with my fiance’s Italian relatives or go shopping and ask for things or ask a waiter questions about the menu, or directions to the nearest beach, or read Italian Vogue or…..  the possibilities are endless.

Wish me luck!



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