Day 27 – Xmas Decorations

Today’s project – take down and pack away Christmas decorations

This morning my fiancé politely pointed out that we still have Christmas decorations hanging up. I swear I didn’t even notice that they were still up or maybe subconsciously it’s my way of telling the world (or just my neighbours) that I LOVE Christmas.

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, it’s not like we have a half-dead Christmas tree in our living room, it’s just some coloured balls, lights and a nutcracker. Still I see his point that maybe I should take everything down and pack it away for next year.

There wasn’t a lot of stuff, but it was scattered throughout the living room and kitchen. I was a little tempted to watch White Christmas (my favorite holiday movie) or listen to christmas carols full blast, while taking everything down, but I resisted. I collected everything on the table and then started the slow process of packing. The striped balls are antiques and quite delicate so I took extra care to wrap them up before putting them away.

I am a little sad that everything has been packed up, but I know my fiance will be absolutely thrilled – he hates Christmas lights! In the end there was only one casualty and I found our fruit bowl – I had forgotten that it was filled with christmas balls – oops.

Italian lessons start tomorrow – wish me luck!




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