Random Stuff

Day 25 – Blog

Today’s project – write a blog post

When I first started this blog, writing a post every day for a year sounded easy, but it’s not. 25 days in and I’m drawing a blank and I don’t have the energy to find a project that is blog worthy. Instead of a project, I’m going to sit for a few minutes and reflect on my first 25 days.

I already wrote the bit about it being hard…. but what I didn’t say was that it’s also a lot of fun. It’s been awhile since I did much writing, University most likely, and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m also surprised at how writing this blog has positively impacted my life. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy…. but I’ve noticed that I’m more proactive about doing stuff. In 25 days I’ve cooked more than I did for the 3 months leading up to Christmas, I’ve been to more yoga classes than all of last year, I’ve made a weekly date with the laundromat and I’ve started washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen after cooking. I swear, these are all huge milestones for me.

To make this post slightly more interesting I thought I’d end it off with some pictures from my summer trip to Istanbul.


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