Day 24 – Baking

Day 24 – baking, baking, baking

I’m having a blah day and hoping my favorite activity will get me out of this funk.

First thing I decided to make was shortbread, yes, shortbread. Most people associate shortbread with christmas, but I like to bake and eat it year round. It is one of the easiest and tastiest cookie that I have in my repertoire and I can whip up a batch in minutes.

My new favorite shortbread recipe comes from the nov/dec 2011 issue of fine cooking. It’s made in a pan, can be dipped in chocolate or flavored to suit your mood. Today I went with plain and am going to try dipping the ends in chocolate. I plan to bring the cookies to book club tonight so fingers crossed that they turn out.

Second thing I’m making is beer bread. This is a new recipe for me and was selected based on ingredient availability. The fridge is full of condiments and drinks but severely lacking in any real food. The recipe calls for 6 ingredients flour, baking powder, salt, brown sugar, beer and butter –  all staples in our house.

When the bread is ready I plan on cutting a few slices and eating them with soup.

I love the process of baking, but I love the eating part more.


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