Random Stuff

Day 23 – Out and About

Today’s project – get out and do something

I LOVE spending my weekends at home doing everything and nothing…. but today is shaping up to be the exact opposite. I already have 3 things on my list – go to IDS 2012 otherwise known as the Interior Design Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, lunch with friends and then check out Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel.

Jump 7 hours…..

The Interior Design Show was a bust, although maybe its just that I’m not rich enough to enjoy it and the $10,000 handmade wood tables or luxury carpets that it had to offer. However there were a few highlights – the mini blueberry pancakes at the One X One fundraiser were delicious, the Protype Lounge had some cool things, but by far my favorite booth was by students at the Institute Without Boundaries (IWB) at George Brown College.

After the Interior Design Show we went for Burgers at BQM on Queen Street West and then did some shopping.

Next on the list was to go to Come Up To My Room, an annual alternative design event at the Gladstone Hotel. I left the house just after 7 and was supposed to meet ‘the fiance’ there for roughly 7:30. Little did I realize that Toronto had just experienced a flash freeze and the roads were like skating rinks. I made it part way there, but ran into a snag – I needed to go down a big hill but turns out the buses weren’t going up or down. I waited a bit, thought about walking, but watched too many people fall on their asses to think that the 1 hour + walk downhill to the Gladstone Hotel was a good idea. So I turned around and shuffled home. I almost fell a few times but was more lucky than some and made it home without any injuries.

Now that I’m home for the night, I think I’ll go bake something, drink some tea and watch old episodes of the West Wing (my favorite TV show).


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