Day 19 – Bathroom clutter

Today’s project – bathroom clutter

Last night I was talking to my sister and the topic of my recent blog post came up. My sister told me about a recent project of hers that really hit home. Cleaning out her bathroom cupboards and storage areas.  My sister had me howling with laughter as she described the decision to finally toss 10 year old eye shadow that she only used once or twice. If she can do it, so can I. I don’t think I have anything quite that old, but 5 or 6 years is very likely.

My bathroom storage is severely limited and it will be amazing to free up space for things I actually use like – face cloths, cotton balls, q-tips or extra toilet paper. In particular I have 2 wicker baskets filled with stuff.  My goal is to eliminate the contents of one basket.

The first step in any clutter project, especially when baskets are involved, is to dump everything on the floor.  One thing I realized very quickly is that I need to stop taking shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion from hotels.  I have acquired quite the collection and do not need anymore.

This project was harder than I thought and filled with guilt. Every time I moved an item into the garbage pile I felt guilty, which is ridiculous because who feels guilty about throwing away hair goop I haven’t used in years, old nail polish or scented lotion that gives me a headache….. who? ME!  Oddly enough when the items actually made it into the garbage pile and later into the garbage bag I was relieved. I no longer feel guilty. Now if I can just use all of those hotel toiletries I’ll feel 10 pounds lighter.

In order to maintain this ‘lighter’ load, I am instituting a one in, one out policy for the bathroom just like the one I have for my closet.


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