Day 17 – Cooking

Today’s project – cooking

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than cooking.  The plan is to make 2 types of soup and a meat sauce. The soup will be stored in glass jars and frozen for easy lunches and the meat sauce is for dinner tonight – pappardelle noodles, slow cooked tomato/meat sauce with freshly grated parmigiano cheese – yum.

1 – Black Bean Soup with a Hint of Orange (click title for recipe)

The Black Bean Soup is a new recipe, but since I had all of the ingredients in the house I thought I would try it. From start to finish the soup took just over 3 hours to make in order to get the beans soft enough. If I make this recipe again I will try substituting the dry beans for cooked canned beans which would reduce the cooking time significantly.

2 – Sweet Potato Ginger Soup (click title for recipe)

I’ve made the Sweet Potato Ginger Soup before (Day 3) and it is one of my favorites. It is fast, easy and always tastes great. I especially love the way the leeks, celery and ginger smell when cooking. Last week I splurged and bought an immersion blender. Usually I use a blender to puree this soup, which can be time consuming, but the immersion blender did the job in seconds.

Tip: Both recipes called for fresh orange juice.  I rarely buy orange juice but I always have a can of frozen concentrate in the freezer for just these occasions.  I find that it comes in handy a lot. Depending on how much orange juice you need – open the can of concentrate – remove a few spoonfuls and add water.  Taste and adjust the water or frozen concentrate proportions accordingly.

3 – Adrienne’s Meat Sauce (click title for recipe)

The pasta sauce is still cooking and I can’t wait to eat it. The recipe is my own and was developed with the help of my fiance and his years of eating homemade Italian food made by his mother and nonna’s.


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