Day 15 – Library

Today’s project – return overdue library books.

I consistently have a problem returning library books on time.  I often know they are overdue and even get overdue notices through email, but I don’t do anything about it.  For example, last week I received a notice that 2 books I signed out over the holidays were overdue – I thought about returning them – looked at the books on the shelf – told myself to return them – even brought them to work and…… NOTHING.

It gets even worse when you consider I used to live 2 doors down from a library, 20 steps tops, and I still had problems returning books on time.

I swear today is the day that these books go back to the library.When I get home from work I will find the books and promptly walk 5 minutes to my local branch and return them.Oh and did I mention the library notified me that a hold had arrived… don’t even get me started on my bad habits around holds.  I think my track record is 1 in 5 hold books signed out and read.All this being said, I love the Toronto Public Libraryand libraries in general.  Find your local branch, get a library card if you don’t have one and take out a book…. and of course don’t forget to return it.
Wish me luck.

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