Italian Lessons

Day 13 – Learn Italian

Today’s project – register for Italian lessons.

I’ve been thinking and talking about learning Italian or registering for lessons for years.  I even have a learn to speak Italian book and CD set to prove it.  My fiance is Italian and with a wedding in the works I think it’s time that I get serious and learn Italian – no more procrastinating.  Over the years I have expanded my Italian vocabulary significantly I can count to twenty, I know simple colours, greetings and a bunch of random words (mostly revolving around food), but I can’t string a sentence together.

Based on the recommendation of a friend I checked out a Toronto company called Tutorino.  The company looks amazing! They offer group classes or private lessons (in person or over skype) and regular monthly Italian immersion dinners (students only).

This was a no brainer, I contacted the company and registered.  I start lessons in February and can’t wait.

Here’s a picture from a recent trip to Italy to inspire you and me further….

Wish me luck.


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