Day 9 – Cleaning :(

Today’s project – cleaning and getting ready for the party.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a fan of cleaning and certainly not a fan of laundry. I tend to avoid the latter like the plague and when my fiance offers to do it, it is like an early Christmas present.

Today is my fiance’s birthday and we’re having some friends over tonight to celebrate.  My day started early and so far has included 1 trip to the grocery store, 1 trip to the beer store, 1 trip to pick up the cake, lots of cleaning around the house and a trip to the laundromat.  Yes, the laundromat.  Sadly in our current apartment we do not have laundry and our forced to go to the neighbourhood laundromat which thankfully is only 1 block away.  We traded a washer and dryer at our last place for a backyard and somewhere to plant tomatoes.  In the winter it doesn’t seem like a fair trade, especially on a cold day like today, but in the summer it is amazing!

There are some advantages to the laundromat – like being able to use multiple washing machines and dryers at the same time.  I can usually be in an out in an hour and a half with 3 finished loads of laundry.  It’s also a place where I can get some reading done and today was no different.  I took my current book The Antagonist by Lynn Coady along with me and finished a few more chapters in between folding laundry.

Guests will be arriving in a few hours and I still have to get the guest room ready, finishing tidying our bedroom for coats, make pizza dough & sauce, make ice, set out snacks and make sure I haven’t forgotten to buy anything before our local stores close.

Wish me luck.


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