Day 8 – Reading…

Today’s project – find a few moments to read.

This week has been crazy – juggling work, the blog, exercise and getting the house ready for my fiance’s birthday tomorrow night – that I’ve hardly had a moment to read.

I’m currently reading a fabulous book – The Antagonist by Lynn Coady – a 2011 Giller Prize Finalist (click here to read an excerpt).  My mom introduced me to Coady last year with a a copy of  Strange Heaven (1998).  Coady has 3 other books that I look forward to reading.

In addition to the Antagonist I have a ‘books to read’ pile next to my bed – mostly recent Christmas presents.  The most anticipated book in this pile is the Sisters Brothers, also a 2011 Giller Prize Finalist.

Before I end this post, I want to thank my mom for all of the books she has given me and recommended I read over the years.  She has influenced my reading more than anyone and has introduced me to most of my favorite books / authors – when all I wanted for Christmas was Babysitter Club books she gave me Mathilda and the BFG by Roald Dahl – thanks mom for keeping me on track!


One thought on “Day 8 – Reading…

  1. I also have a big “to read” pile. I collect the books that appeal to me and then squeeze in moments of reading where I can. I keep my current book in my car, and read while eating lunch, waiting at the bus stop, and waiting while the kids have piano and karate lessons. : )

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