Day 6 – Old Magazines

Today’s project organize my magazine recipe collection.

Like a lot of people I collect magazines and justify keeping them because of all of the great recipes and food ideas inside. I rarely, to never, make any of these recipes, but I’m not at the point where I am willing to throw them all away.

The other day, I was talking to my sister-in-law and she gave me a great idea on how to tackle this problem – cut out and file all of the recipes in an accordion file folder and then recycle the magazines. What I really like about the idea are the categories she suggested – ‘new ideas’ and ‘tried & true’.  In the ‘tried & true’ folder she also recommended keeping a list of favorite and easy recipes to help with meal planning or those nights you can’t figure out what to make.  You can also subdivide each category into meat, fish, baking etc. to make things even more helpful.

Step 1: Search the house for magazines – DONE

Step 2: Rip out interesting recipes – DONE

Step 3: Recycle magazines – DONE

Step 4: Organize recipes into categories (meat, fish, salads/sides, baking and a special section for gluten free) – NOT DONE

Step 5: Buy an accordion file folder – NOT DONE

Step 6: File the recipes – NOT DONE

Tomorrow I will buy an accordion file folder and finish the project.

Wish me luck.


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